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Compatible with Windows, MAC OS 10.12 Sierra or later. Program doesn´t work with Keynote. *Files were compressed to reduce filesize. Unzip by right click / Extract all.

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Timer to use with PowerPoint presentations and more


Slideshow Timer is best used with PowerPoint and similar presentation software. The timer is constantly displayed and will float on top of any other app. It´s easy to use, you can resize it, move it around …

100.000 timer downloads since 2019


How to use the timer?

STEP 1: Download the timer and install

For Windows CLICK HERE and MAC (10.10 Yosimite and above) CLICK HERE. Once you download the ZIP file, unzip and double click the icon to install.

free powerpoint, slideshow timer icon



STEP 2: Run the timer

A popup window will appear. You can close it after 5 seconds and enter the main timer window. Free version has a 20 minute time limit. For more time and upgraded features please check PRO version.timer splash screen



STEP 3: Set the time

Click settings icon on the left corner and click “Set the time”. Set the time by clicking plus and minus buttons. Once you are done click “Confirm” and return to main timer screen.powerpoint timer setting time



STEP 4: Start the timer

Click the green “Play” button to begin. Hover over the app window to reveal the “Stop” and “Pause” buttons.

*Note: You can even run multiple timers at once, side by side.

start the timer by clicking the button, use pause and resume



STEP 5: Timeout screen

A red timeout screen will signal that time limit was reached. Return to main timer screen by pressing “CLICK TO RESET”.you can restart the timer after the timeout



EXTRA: Light and dark theme

There are two basic design themes: light and dark. For more color options, number styles and upgraded features please check PRO version.

slideshow timer light and dark theme


Download Free PowerPoint Timer


Download for WINDOWS


Download for MAC

Compatible with Windows, MAC OS 10.12 Sierra or later. Program doesn´t work with Keynote. *Files were compressed to reduce filesize. Unzip by right click / Extract all.

Free vs PRO comparison


Free version PRO version
20 minute time limit Up to 24 hours
Run multiple instances of timer at once
(PC only)
Run multiple instances of timer at once
(PC only)
White or Dark theme White or Dark theme + 12 custom colors
1 number style 20 number styles
No sounds Timeout + notification sounds
+ visual signal
Countdown only Count up or countdown
/ Stopwatch function
/ Autorestart
/ Can show exceeded time after timeout
/ Can edit time on the fly
/ Can add custom text above the timer
/ Can change Time´s up text

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Questions? Please refer to FAQ. If your question remains unanswered, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Tony

    Hi, I’m looking forward to the Mac version. Any chance of having the option of displaying with the surrounding circle around the time remaining – like the Nano version? Love the visual look – great for those who struggle with visualising how much time is left.


  2. beth kroeger

    how do you insert the timer into a powerpoint presentation? I don’t want it to “float” on top of my presentation since i have to upload my presentation to the presenters computer.

  3. Lydia

    Looks like a nice, usefull timer, will definitely give it a try.

  4. Dylan Thomas Gerrity

    Doesn’t float above powerpoint show in slideshow mode.

  5. jean marie

    Hi, i’m looking for a timer anable to run alone when i open a powerpoint file. may be PowerPoint Timer is the solution for me ?

  6. Nicole

    Hello, I’m SO excited to try your timer with my slides in my high school classroom. It’s going to be key to keeping all my students focused and on-task. Unfortunately, it says I cannot use it on my OS 10.10.5. It says it requires 10.12 or higher. But your website says it works on 10.10. Where are the older versions located?

  7. Paul George

    Can you put a non .exe version? with all the viruses going around, this makes us worried.

  8. David Robinson

    I downloaded the Pro version of Slideshow Timer.
    It works fine and floats over all the stuff on my desktop and running apps, but when I hit play on a Keynote presentation it disappears. I need to to show up onscreen over the presentation.

  9. Khaled

    Thank you very much, it is very useful for me.

  10. Medhat Abdelgaber

    very good one, BR

  11. Ling

    This is amazing, thank you!!

  12. Kaeun

    Hi, I am trying to install the free version of Powerpoint Timer, which is not working properly. The internet browser said that the computer does not have problems but the source( does not respond.

    • Countdown Kings (Author)

      Hi there, not sure what could be the problem. Try opening and downloading with another browser. The download and the program are working fine.

  13. Asya

    This is amazing & free! I have been searching for something like that for some time now.
    Thank you!!

  14. Saqqi Shah

    is it copyright free?? i mean can i use it for youtube videos

  15. Norman Watson

    Hello, I love the Floating options. How do you do that in power point. I love what the Dynamic Timer has down in thier work. I am looking for something where I can preprogram for specific times and dates in the past and future.

    Where I can stop it on demand and it floats on the slides. I can also display to clocks at once. Who made you program. I would love to have mine made with sound effects. It’s for a history project.

    • Countdown Kings (Author)

      Hi there, this is a simple timer, we are developing more advanced version, but it will be a different timer. And yes, you can display, run multiple timers at once.

  16. Virgil Craft

    Can this timer work just on 1 slide or 2 slides? I dont need it on every slide.


    there must be option to resize the timer window and transparent background. it looks too odd timer covering a big portion/space on the slide show. audience keep noticing the timer more than presentation content. can you please add the said facility?

  18. Tom Johnson

    Hi — a good looking timer, but I need to insert it in a PPT slide and then take the presentation to another folder and application. So far, when trying to install the timer I select the Browse button to put it in an appropriate folder to transport the PPT presentation. However, your install process hangs up when I hit browse? Suggestions?
    Second, how can I insert and start the time from within a PPT slide.
    Thank you.

    • Countdown Kings (Author)

      Hi there, the timer is a separate program from PPT so you cannot move it around – or start / stop, with presentation automatically. You can use the timer (on screen) where you need it, run the program and use it.

  19. Robin

    Timer for PowerPoint (SLIDESHOW TIMER)

    i want to purchase the timer for windows. I have a doubt, if i format the window or change my laptop, do I need to purchase again or i can use it after formatting the window also.

  20. Thannickal

    When I’m just presenting a ‘questionnaire pdf file’ alone, to my students during online exams; my students are not able to see this timer on the pdf file; even though I place the timer on the pdf file. Is there an option to pin this timer onto any files like pdf, word files etc… so that even if I present that particular pdf file or word file – the timer becomes visible to my kids??

  21. Anil

    Hi, is there an alarm sound on the completion of time ?

  22. Richard

    Any chance of getting keyboard shortcuts for things like start/stop, set the time, exit app? Would be great for use with a StreamDeck and make it much more user friendly.

  23. Mel

    I am disappointed that the free version of this timer only allows for a 20 minute time limit. For it to be useful, there needs to be an option for a longer countdown.


    It’s awesome designed for me to have a web site, which is valuable in favor
    of my know-how. thanks admin

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