Beautiful timer with both numerical and graphical representation of time!

Features (Free version)

nano timer free icon

  • Large numbers for great visibility.
  • Simple and intuitive use.
  • Circle animates and color changes as time is passing.
  • Optional sounds to keep you on track!
  • Set time up to 60 minutes (free version).

>> Download Free version on iTunes

Top Features (PLUS version)

nano timer plus icon

Plus version offers all that free version has as well as other important features:

  • No time limit, set time up to 999 minutes.
  • Two extra display styles for even greater visibility
    (Fat and B&W).
  • Circle animation of total time option.
  • Count down and Count up functions.
  • Autorestart function, great for interval training.

>> Download PLUS version on iTunes

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How it works

Set it by sliding your finger over numbers or by tapping on them. Timer is also very easy to use, there is no text only icons and this was intentional. This way the whole world can understand how to use it. You start the timer by clicking the right “clock” icon, while “gear” icon on the left opens the settings.
countdown timer nano, setting the time
2. TIMER IS RUNNING. Countdown begins from the number (minute) you have set. Circle smoothly animates with each passing minute. Circle can also show full animation of time (not each minute seperately – plus version only).
circle is animating in this timer

When time is running out, circle will indicate that by changing color from green to yellow and lastly to red. Plus version also features two extra styles “fat” and “B&W”.

3. TIMEOUT IS REACHED. A well visible RED screen will appear which no one can afford to miss. You can also enable the timeout sound. All this has been tested to stop speakers from going over time!
timer timeout

Try it out

>> Download Free version on iTunes
>> Download PLUS version on iTunes


  1. Brian

    How do you set the Nano timer for seconds? It seems to only set for minutes.

    Thank you,

    • Igor

      Hi Brian! With this timer you can only set minutes, but seconds will show with animated circle and last minute will also count in seconds. If you need to set seconds, try using this timer. Best

  2. Awesome, love using this timer, especially the black and white minimalist version. I use it for my meetings, clean and functional, just what I needed!

    Keep up the good work, you really rock with these simple, beautiful and very useful apps!

  3. How do you set Nano Timer? I dont have the app

  4. Alejandro Luna

    what are the options for more sounds? Is there a way to add a customized sound?

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