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Escape Room Timer

Software created specially for escape rooms.

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Five Premium Design Themes

Victorian Age, Ancient Time, Wild West, Digital Escape, Horror, +Basic theme

Each theme includes additional customizations, so you can fit timer perfectly to your room!

Victorian Age

The great age of English novel, detective cases and other mysterious stories.

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Ancient Times

From Stone age, Egypt, ancient Rome, middle ages and other historical themes are covered in this timer.

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Wild West

The great American frontier of conquest, exploration, fight and romance. Time of old mines, prisons, cowboys, and outlaws.

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Digital Escape

Perfect for space and futuristic styled rooms as well as other action themed rooms.

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Horror & Derelict Theme

From end of the world to classic graveyard, zombie and haunted house look. This theme will make your room super scarry!

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Escape Room Timer Features

Everything you will need and more.

five premium themes for the timer
FIVE premium themes to choose from. Modify each theme by selecting your number style, background and special effects.
add custom sounds to the timer
Each theme has its own sounds. You can also add your own and make it specific to what you need.
set minutes
Timer remembers last time you`ve set so you can quickly start a new round. 99, 70, 60, 45 minutes or whatever time you choose.
notification sounds
Automatic notification sounds when certain time has passed. With the option to enable “tic tac” sound for increased psychological pressure!
show text and image hints to players
Send text hints or even show custom uploaded images (up to 90) to help out your players!
add custom image
Write custom text or use your own custom image for timeout screen and more. Take a look at video below for the preview.
Works on any computer and no installation is needed.

Main features and benefits

Send hints to players
Write text messages to help out players. Upload your own custom images and give clues.
NEW – Multi language support for sending text clues (only PC)
Beside standard Latin, Greek and Cyrillic lettering we now include 13 other main languages, such as: Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Korean, Thai, Tamil, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Marathi, Punjabi and Malay.
Custom text on timeout
Write your own message for timeout screen.
Show instructions
Enable or disable instruction text between screens.
Option to set time even while timer is running
This way you can always give some extra time if needed.


Choose between five distinct design themes
Victorian age, Ancient times, Wild West, Digital Escape, Horror & Dereleict theme.
Modify each of the themes
Each theme allows selection of different fonts, backgrounds and animations.
Upload your custom timeout image
Instead of showing text for the timeout, use your own custom image. You can also combine this timer text.
“No theme” design option
Disable themes and use just regular numbers and background for a clean look. Still, you can make all the customizations you want.

Change timer color

Default colors
Default display is in black and white, with red screen on timeout.
Color palette
Choose between colors from a carefully selected palette to fit the timer to your own specific needs.


“T minus” spoken word
A recorded voice is played to mark the passing of time. Example “T – 50” on fifty, “T – 40” on forty minutes remaining and so on.
*Custom sounds
You can upload your own set and completely modify the sound experience!
Enable “tic tac” clock sound
Plays the ticking sound effect for increased fun and psychological pressure.

escape room timer price
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Still Not Convinced?

Here is a couple of reviews we got from our users.

Tim J Henley timer review

Tim J Henley, Wiltshire, England / 11thhourescaperooms.co.uk

“We have used the Escape Room Timer for a few weeks now in our Escape Room 11th Hour Escape Rooms, in Wiltshire UK. We have found the tool extremely user friendly & efficient, and very stable in use. We have customized it easily too. Thanks for such a great tool at an amazing price.”

Taji Tokuhisa timer review

Taiji Tokuhisa, Ljubljana, Slovenia / www.thekey.si

“I can evaluate the timer as an excellent tool for all escape room owners, since it combines everything that is necessary for a simple and efficient leadership and help to groups. It is easy to use, works flawlessly, and has many options of additional settings, which enable us to completely adjust it to our own wishes and needs. As an owner of The Key Escape Room, I highly recommend it.”

Ondrej Cesak timer review

Ondřej Česák, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic / www.brainmasters.cz

“Very simple to use, yet feature rich countdown timer with built-in hint system. Everything is customizable and well described through text/video tutorials. Colors, sounds, timeout screen, even themes can be changed to your liking, thus making it great all-rounder for various escape rooms. Certainly a must have app for escape game owners!”

More reviews

James Shearer / www.escape2win.com
“We are very happy with your Countdown Timer at Escape2Win. It´s a versatile program that allows for a wide variety of themes, along with customization and a lot of extras. All at a very affordable price.”

Georgi PKR / questionrooms.bg
“This Escape Room Timer is all you need to run a game. It has a lot of customizable settings with which you can adjust best to your theme. When you buy it you will have great solution for countdown, hints and some audio effects.”

Mellanie De Mata / codeenigmastpete.com
“We here at Code: Enigma Escape game are very happy with this timer, in our opinion it is the best one out !!! Very user friendly, great interface and awesome effects. I have spent hours looking for a perfect timer and this takes the prize. Thanks Countdownkings for creating a one of a kind timer!”

Andy / greatescapeuk.com
“We are very pleased with our timer, it does everything we want it to do and very easy to use. Being able to change the sounds and backgrounds is a real bonus. Having different themes is perfect for our two escape rooms.”

Vince Laliberte / pursuetheclues.com
“The Countdown Kings Escape Room Timer is everything I need for a very reasonable price. There are so many timers to choose from in the industry, good and bad, but none of them are competitive in terms of pricing. Not only is this timer the most cost-effective, it has every feature and layout I want for the various themes I’m running now and the ones I have in my head for the future. The product is also designed well, and was made to be very user-friendly. I’m very happy with my purchase.”

Dennis Roelofs / movingart.nl
“We downloaded the Escape Room Timer for a (possible) new TV-show. The timer works great and it is really nice to be able to change the remaining duration even while the timer is running. We’ve made use of the possibility to customize our backgrounds, notifications, time-out screen and sounds to make the timer fit perfectly within the style of our show.”

Have you already purchased the timer and would like to contribute your review?
Please contact us and let us know.

Frequenty Asked Questions (Click for more)

1. Do I need an internet connection to run the timer?

2. How many licences do I need?
One licence per one computer. Example: if you want to use the timer on three different computers, you will need three licences. You need one active timer (licence) for one active game.

3. What is the license period?
Permanent, there is no monthly fee. Pay once and use it forever.

4. Transferring and activating the timer?
Once you download the timer you can transfer the ZIP file to any PC / MAC computer you want to use it on. Unpack the ZIP file and enter your data on the first run. Your licence is now activated.

5. I have a franchise, so can I buy 10 escape room licenses and can I use them in different locations (countries)?
As for licences, one licence per one computer. Country does not matter.

6. What OS do you support?
Windows and MAC OS.

7. Is the timer a web app? Will it work on tablets, Raspberry pi or Chromebook?
No, it is not a web app but “.exe” file. Only Windows and MAC OS are supported.

8. What is the minimum windows operating system needed to run the timer?
Runs on any Windows OS. Same for MAC.

9. What are the hardware requirements for the timer?
Older computer should be able to run the timer smoothly. Example: laptop Dell Inspirion 6400 (year 2005), Intel Core Duo, 1.8 Ghz, 1 Gb of RAM runs the most graphically demanding theme with all the effects at about 50% CPU. If needed, you can further improve performance by disabling special effects in the Settings (extra animations).

10. How to create a multiple monitor setup?
Read more here: https://www.countdownkings.com/how-multiple-monitor-setup

For complete instructions check: 

30 day money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase send us an email,
we will refund the full purchase price.

escape room timer price
30 day money back guarantee
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