There are many timers, most of them are complicated to use and badly designed. Minimalistic Countdown Timer is super easy to use and looks great. Large numbers can be seen even when standing far away. Original idea came from this “TEDx” timer, that you can download for free.

Full timer review:

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Top Features


  • Easy control. Swipe or tap to set your time in seconds!
  • Autorestart, Count Down and Count Up functions. Minute or Unit based count.
  • Optional sounds to keep you on track. Loud ringer on timeout – optional.
  • Extended time. See by how much speaker went over time (new,  iOS only).
  • Large numbers for great looks and top visibility! Countdown can be seen even from far away – tested!
  • Perfect for timing meetings, presentations, speaking events, startup pitches or for home practice.

Countdown timer is well visible even from far away - TESTED!>> Download for iOS
>> Download for Android

Customer Reviews

Some of those who purchased say:

Love this app!!! ★★★★★
by Chris Elrod / Impact! Church

Chris Elrod preacherI am a preacher and speaker. I have used every countdown timer app in the store for keeping my sermons and speeches on track. Minimalistic Countdown Timer is by far the BEST!!! It is easy to use, big display for easy viewing and a bright red background when it’s time to stop talking. I also use this app in meetings to keep them on track.

I rarely leave reviews…but was so blown away by how great the timer is that I wanted to let others know.  We use Minimalistic Countdown Timer in MANY different scenarios:

1. Timer for speaking
2. Timer for preaching
3. Timer for video production
4. Timer for kids ministry activities
5. Timer for letting people know when the worship service starts
6. Timer for meetings

I am a freak about meetings staying on time and following the time parameters set for each item on the agenda.  Minimalistic Countdown Timer is PERFECT for keeping meetings on track.  The ability to change the time by using finger gestures to scroll the numbers is the best feature…doesn’t cause a distraction during the meeting…is quick and simple to reset.

Like I said in my review I’ve tried every countdown and speaker timer out there…Minimalistic Countdown Timer is by far the best!!!

Definitely the easiest and intuitive timer I’ve ever used ★★★★★
by ql000 – Igor Panjan / Smart Hotel Housekeeping

Igor Panjan
My team uses the Countdown timer at startup events around Europe. Definitely the easiest and the fastest timer to setup and use. When used on iPad you can really see it from a mile a way 🙂 Reduces the stress on the speaker


Classy ★★★★★
by francoimps

Classy. Used this to conduct business meetings to maintain focus and remove unnecessary distractions.

Streamlined and brilliantly minimalistic countdown timer ★★★★★
by b. Torbo (Oslo, Norway)

Stylish and minimal one trick pony that does what it says on the tin in an excellent way.

just what I was looking for ★★★★★
by akuldalma

The timer is simple but classy, easy to use and perfect for presentations. It is exactly what I was looking for because checking the watch all the time during a presentation interrupts the speaker as well as the audience. Very useful indeed.There are many timers, most of them are complicated to use and badly designed. This timer is super easy to use, looks great, numbers are large and can be seen even when standing far away. Original idea came from this “TEDx” timer, that you can download for free.

Great for pomodoros!! ★★★★★
by MacNewMan

It is the best timer to measures my 25 times. It’s amazing!

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>> Download for iOS
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  1. Borut

    I just downloaded and purchased this app for telephone. It’s really amazing, and it’s easy to use.

  2. Igor Sivic

    Hi, Igor,
    just I bought Your application Minimalistic Countdown Timer. All is O. K. design beautiful, but I have the following requirements:
    – Give for sound choice from my library
    – Time’s up message option write custom text
    – Add option to hide banner Use numbers to set time. Long press to start. Settings icon on the home screen navigation and other texts
    I want to use it at a meeting of our company and so it will be even better.
    Thank you!
    Please, sorry for my English!

    • Igor

      Hi Igor, thank you for your business and thanks for writing in. We might implement some ideas in future versions of this timer.
      Remember, we are trying to keep it simple and functional, adding extra bells and whistles can drisrupt this important benefit. Also banner text is seen only when setting the time, removing it can leave people confused. We´ll see what we can do. Best

  3. I just downloaded the app. It is good but there are missing many features !
    I also testet the app Speakers Countdown.
    Features of SpeakersCountdown:
    – You have a signal. Green, orange and red. You can set the time, when the signal changes the color.
    – Progress view
    – If the Countdown expired another timer will start. This timer shows you how much you are over the time
    – You can switch between full screen and normal mode
    – The app has many settings
    – You can put your iphone in your pocket and it will vibrate at a time you can set. So you know how much time left

    All in all SpeakersCountdown is a very good app with very good features. But if you want to have a compact app minimalistic countdown timer is a good one.

  4. In this version, is the “Time’s Up” message editable at the end. I would need to change it to Chinese.


    • Igor

      Hi James, no, it is not editable, but you have this option in the extended PC version which will be up very soon. You might also use the Nano Timer (for PC&MAC or APP), where you have a universal graphical symbol on timeout. Best

  5. Love the large digits on that one. It’s really all a good timer needs. I’ve been using timer pop to this point. It’s similar but has one additional feature to save your 3 most used times – kinda handy.

  6. Tom

    Sounds like a great app with really nice features. One question regarding features though: is there an option to start the timer from let’s say an iPhone or iPod touch, but display it on an iPad, that’s mounted somewhere a little off the stage (in good sight, but not really accessible for the speaker)?

    • Igor

      Hi Tom, tnx for your comment. The app itself does not offer such feature. You should check for “screenshare” for apple devices or something similar. For example, type in google: “ipad to ipad screen mirroring”, I get lots of results which might bring solution to you. Best

  7. Mike Trottet


    I got your iOS 6.0 ver for an old phone I want this for, but I want to countdown to a future date (retirement in 3 years ! ).

    Any options?


  8. Hi Igor,

    Nice work! Will it enable me to countdown longer than 60minutes?

  9. Keitiretse

    Thank you for the timer its really easy to use. But i want that if i have three speakers each having different time slots i can set their times in a series in such a way that when the other one elapses, the next one starts immediately without me having to reset for the next person.

    • Igor Donkov (Author)

      Hi, this timer does not offer such feature, there are some apps that can do that. But otherwise this timer is really quick to set up, it takes a couple of seconds at most to set and start another time.

  10. I love this timer, but can’t use it with iOS 11 (64 Bit Apps needed!) What are your plans?

  11. Dave Flynn

    Igor, Good app. Lots of good features on it. A few suggestions to make it great:

    1) It be great to be able to change/customize the timer up message to whatever we wanted it to say.
    2) I tried to hook up a speaker to my iPad to be able to amplify the bell at the end of the timer. Can barely hear it. Speaker is working with other apps.
    3) It would be also be great if we can customize the bell sound to whatever we would like, to be able to choose from a list of sounds like in a smartphone, or add our own.


    • Igor Donkov (Author)

      Hi Dave, thank you for the email and suggestions.

      1) We have only MAC version for that.
      2) Not sure what the issue is here, as far we know and tested this was not a problem on our devices.
      3) Did not add this feature, maybe in the future. Thanks

  12. Chester

    Hi lgor , For the minimalistic countdown timer apps on IOS , I have some question about license want to ask. If I want to install the apps to 10 x Ipad from my company which is for internal meeting support use. how many license need to purchase? as Those IPad from my company are using the same apple id ( 1 apple ID login for 10 Ipad ) , what can I do if need more than I license as apple ID can purchase the Apps 1 time only, thanks

    • Igor Donkov (Author)

      Hi Chester,

      this is what we found on app store:

      APP STORE PRODUCT USAGE RULES ( i )If you are an individual acting in your personal capacity, you may download and sync an App Store Product for personal, noncommercial use on any iOS Device you own or control. ( ii ) If you are a commercial enterprise or educational institution, you may download and sync an App Store Product for use by either (a) a single individual on one or more iOS Devices used by that individual that you own or control or (b) multiple individuals, on a single shared iOS Device you own or control. For example, a single employee may use an App Store Product on both the employee’s iPhone and iPad, or multiple students may serially use an App Store Product on a single iPad located at a resource center or library.

      For the sake of clarity, each iOS Device used serially by multiple users requires a separate license.

  13. Ottimo programma, semplice e intuitivo

  14. Janice Lua

    I purchased the countdown timer in October but find that it does not show up when I run my Powerpoint. I’m unsure what I’ve done incorrectly but what can I do now? Appreciate your help.

  15. Fabricio Pensado

    Hola, quería saber si el pago es por única vez o es una suscripción por un tiempo determinado. Muchas gracias.

  16. Dave

    Nice app, would love to see the digits to be available in different colors

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