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*To reduce filesize, files were compressed. After download, unzip by right click / Extract all.

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Creating a better timer

Timer was originally developed for TEDxLjubljana. At the time the team was using a countdown clock that was made in PowerPoint and that simply did not cut it. We needed something that looks better and is easier to use. It was time to create a new timer.

This free countdown timer is used on our practices and in LIVE events. Later it was shared with other TEDx organizers all across the globe and now it is here for you too. Timer works flawlessly and it will improve your event.

As used on TEDxVienna and many other TEDx converences and events As used on TEDxVienna and many other conferences around the world.
more than 300000 downloads since 2014

How to use it?

Do that by simply clicking on the numbers with your mouse. You can also use arrow keys on your keyboard. To start it press SPACE. For example you can set a 15 minute timer or whatever you need.
First we need to set time
2. TIMER IS RUNNING. Countdown has started and will continue until timeout is reached. You can pause the timer by clicking SPACE. To reset the timer press DEL. *Note: on some Macs there is no DEL key. In this case use  Fn+backspace.

Timer is running
3. TIMEOUT. Timeout has been reached and a well visible red screen will appear! This has been tested to stop speakers, much better than if the screen would not change colour into such obvious one.
Timer timeout

Free countdown timer download

WINDOWS download

MAC download

*NOTE: to reduce filesize, files were compressed. After download, unzip by right click / Extract all.

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If the timer has proved to be valuable to you, please drop a comment and share your experience. Best!

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  1. victos sanvill

    wow, incredible, very easy and good graphics! thanks!

  2. Don Marsh

    I love this app. Very clean!

    The only thing I would love out of this is:
    – To be able to change the seconds (Needy speakers)
    – Editable/Custom “Time is up” screen.

    • Igor

      Yes, the intention of this timer is to be as clean and simple as possible. As for changing the seconds, you can do that in the EXTENDED version or in the APP, which also has some other extra features. Tnx for your comment!

  3. Thanks, Igor! You’re a life saver.

    Thanks for your work on this and willingness to share it with us:)

    • Igor (Author)

      I am glad this timer proved valuable to you 😉 Thank you also for your kind comment!

  4. Tech

    What a great looking timer! I think the only options (that are already listed above) to help make it the end all be all of timers would be the ability to edit seconds in the MAC/PC versions and the ability to change the screen to a yellow “warning color” when reaching a certain amount of time left.
    Other than that, this is a fantastic software and thank you very, very much for sharing it with everyone – it is now our “go to” standard!

  5. Rachel

    I have Mac book pro, retina, one year old. Downloaded – works fine. But does not reset by Delete. everything else works.

  6. Rachel

    Found the answer! Must do function/delete to work on my Mac.
    Thanks for the great timer. Used it last year for TEDx event. Using this Saturday for TEDxPCC.

    • Igor (Author)

      Great, I am glad it works and thank you for reporting. If you like the timer, please share it with others. I also wish you a successful TEDx event! 🙂

  7. Great idea! I would love to use this in sessions on a beamer.

    It is clear and simple, with a great big red splashscreen on countdown zero.


    – time can not be edited during countdown. I use this when my group needs just that one minute extra. just using cursor-keys is fine to preserve simplicity.
    – reset sets you back to 10 minutes, so you have to retune it every time.
    – no wake-up sound.

    Please fix this and I will be your greatest fan.

    • Igor (Author)

      Hi, tnx for the comment and your feedback, it is valuable! For now we will not add extra functions, but we might use your suggestion next time. You can try using pause and simply continue when needed, and app also has sounds. Best

  8. Neil Waite

    Thank you! Just what we needed!

  9. P.T. Murphy

    Many thanks! This is just what I was looking for. Oh simplicity…you will NEVER be replaced. 🙂

  10. Thank you
    the timer is wonderful

    • Igor (Author)

      Thank you Will! If you like it, please share it with others too. We want this timer to go all across the world 🙂 Thanks

  11. Debra

    This is great. Is it possible to have the audible countdown on the PC/Mac version or is this just available on the phone version?

    Many thanks

  12. Nic

    This timer is the standard that we use for all our conferences & meetings
    now. Clean, clear and simple. We have had SO many presenters that came up to us raving about this timer it’s AMAZING!!

    Great stuff guys!!

    P.s – Will be fantastic if you guys could think about developing a presenter / control communication system integrated into the clock. Eg. Ability to type a message for the speaker.

    • Igor (Author)

      Nic, thank you very much for your comment, wow! We are very happy to hear that timer serves you well.

      As for suggestion, we might implement it in the future. For now, maybe you can try this:
      1. Add an extra monitor besides timer, there you can type something using word processor, or use some appropriate program for typing messages
      2. Make timer smaller (use ESC to exit fullscreen display), adjust the size of timer and then use a the other part of the screen for messages to the presenter.

  13. Keith Watts


    Can I use the timer in Powerpoint 2008 for Mac? If so … how?

    Thank you

    Keith Watts

    • Igor (Author)

      Hi, you don´t need Powerpoint to use this timer. This is a standalone program, you simply run it and it works 😉

  14. Alex

    i love the minimalistic design. Thanks a lot for it



  15. quasel

    best! you can ad a second-change maybe:)

  16. Igor, you really are THE COUNTDOWN KING. Great app! Easy to download, install, use, and customize. It looks great too! One of the best combinations of form and function in one app.

  17. Charlotte

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I’VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE for something to help my students keep their presentations timely in class, so I can now just start the timer on my laptop, place it next to them on the desk, and discreetly help them stay on time! Love the simple design.

    • Igor (Author)

      Maddam, thank you for your kind comment, glad it helps.

      Now, please click like, let´s spread this timer to the last corner of the Earth, I want to see even eskimos use it 😉

  18. Thanks Igor, Great tool.

    Minimalist but fully functional. This is what great design is about. Do the job well and be easy to use. And then it’s free!.Well done.

  19. Thank you very much. Simple fast free aqurate and BIG (vieawable letters) All the best…

  20. Win Noren

    This count-down timer was perfect for our event. Easy to use with BIG numbers that no one can miss. It was exactly what I was looking for. THANK YOU!!!

    My only suggestion is that when the timer is reset with the Delete key that it would go back to the previously set time as almost all of our talks over two days were 15 minutes in length rather than the default 10 minutes. But it is easy to increase/decrease the time so that was only a very minor inconvenience.

    THANK YOU again for making this timer available. It really was perfect for our needs.

    • Igor (Author)

      Thank you very much for your kind comment, I am glad the timer was usefull to you.

      We have published a new timer that includes extra functions such as the one you mention and more. Best!

  21. Hi, I was looking for a timer and end up on your website. As you have heard that sitting kills. New research is pointing that sitting in an office etc. for long periods of time is very unhealthy. And they recommend that one gets up every 10 to 15 minutes and stretch etc. This small pause alone can counter some of the ill effects of sitting.
    My problem is that I forgot to get up, so I would like to have a timer that will remind me to get up. Timer must be on the desktop, easy and fast to use and most importantly it must automatically start counting another 10 or 15 minute period. Also the alarm must be quiet so that it doesn’t wake people up who might be sleeping in the same room. Computer user can hear even a very quiet peep, because one is near the computer. Alarm could be visual too.. no sound at all. It could flash a picture of an alarm clock on the screen every 10 minutes. It must be totally automatic every 10 minutes.
    What you think about this idea? Let me know if you make this alarm.
    Timo from Finland

    • Igor (Author)

      Hi Timo, tnx for you comment. As for your idea I think it is interesting, but this timer is not intended for the use you describe. This one is mostly intended for timing public events, speaches, pitches, business meetings etc..
      The timers you are looking for are allready created, simply google search for something like “pomodoro timer pc” or “interval timer” and you will find them. There are lots of them allready created 😉 Best regards

  22. I have a live stream that I’d love to have a countdown timer to use like yours.

    There are a couple features I’d love to see added.

    1. Ability to change background color
    2. Ability to make background transparent <—BIG one
    3. The ability to change the font color
    4. Ability to outline the number fonts (because sometimes a background can be the same color as the font when the background is transparent. This would allow us to "outline" the font and keep it visible).

    Its remarkable that no one has really done a good countdown timer for windows like yours. I've looked high and low. Yours is by far the closest to perfect.


  23. Veerendra Sharma

    Wonderful app and very easy to use…. Thanx

  24. Darlene Roulund

    Thank you for this wonderful timer. I use it in my training classes. You made my day. 🙂

  25. Ramadas Kaipa

    Thank you for the timer. We use it in our meetings. I used others earlier. But This is very useful and unique.

  26. Igor (Author)

    To all of you interested. We have just uploaded the improved timer, which has many of requested features, based on your comments.

    You can find it here (Minimalistic) and another version (Nano). Best

  27. We are a corporate event AV/Lighting/Staging company and occasionally we have a request for a speaker countdown timer. This one is great…the price is right…and I’ll probably go ahead and buy the one without the second timer…great deal there too!

    It works…what more can you say about an application?

  28. Andy

    I love the app for iOS! Any chance you will make a version compatible with the Amazon Fire HDX tablets? I see the app is available in the Amazon Appstore, but it only seems to be compatible with android OS.

    • Igor (Author)

      Hey, thanks for writing in. Currently we will not be developing for other platforms. We are focusing on Android, iOS, PCs and MACs.. enough work with that 😉 Best

  29. Ignacio

    Is it possible to replace the background color with a custom image in the extended app?

    • Igor (Author)

      Yes, it is possible to change color in the extended version, you can also change text, but you cannot add an image.

  30. Radu

    Plain and simple tool that does what it’s supposed to do beautifully. Plus, no installation is required. It’s just what I was looking for, thank you so much for sharing it for free!

  31. kriti

    the timer is pretty good…but could you please tell me how do we set it for seconds for eg: if i wish to set it for 15 s, then is there any option?

  32. Arnaud

    Thanks a lot, this is by far the best countdown timer I could find on the net. I am about to buy the mini version to use for my business. This will run on a second monitor. I would love to be able to communicate with the speaker smoothly WITHOUT leaving the timer’s fullscreen mode and without having to slide a ppt/word doc with my mouse from the main monitor. Any Idea how I could achieve that?

    • Igor (Author)

      Hi and thank you. I don´t see a problem here, if I understand you correctly. On one monitor you will be running a full screen timer and on other (extended desktop) monitor, you have your presentation. It is allready being done like that on numerous TEDx presentations, as it was on ours. Best

  33. Steven Telleen

    I currently use the Apimac timer for my Anatomy lab exams because of one feature it has. It can be set to make a sound then automatically reset and start counting down again each time it finishes a countdown cycle. There are a number of things I do not like about the product, but that feature works and is necessary for my application. Does you timer have this feature? If so I would be interested.

  34. Steve E.

    I like the additional functions of the extended version. But was thinking that another feature that would be nice is having the color change (such as to yellow) with one minute remaining (or have that able to be modified). That way, the speaker will know when they are running short and must wrap things up.

    • Igor (Author)

      Hi Steve, thanks for your comment and suggestion. The Nano version of the timer uses a very similar function to this, where the circle changes color not the numbers. This way it is visually more appealing. Best

  35. Tanja

    Great timer really. Just one question: Is there a way that, when paused, the timer does not show the instructions about space, del and esc?


    • Igor (Author)

      Hi Tanja, thank you. Yes, this is possible, not in the free, but paid version of the timer. You have the option to disable instructions in the Settings. Best

  36. Is there a way to imbed the counter into a powerpoint presentation?

  37. N. Johnson

    Great App! But small question, what is the take-away of difference between Mini and Nano? The way of display and Nano can set up to 10 days? Seems like Nano is better than Mini?

    • Igor (Author)

      Thank you. Key difference is the design of the timer, visual representation of time as well as some other minor functions, like the maximum time you can set, etc ..

  38. Ulfa Barokah

    hOW if i just want to count for teen seconds? please kindly to reply this comment:) Thanks in advance

  39. sanjay bhatia

    simply beautiful !

  40. Aylmer Arellon

    Best timer available so far I have installed. Neat and easy settings.

  41. ed

    how do you get it to count up?


    i want sound it … it is possible?

  43. Steve

    Just downloaded + unzipped it, my Mac (running 10.10.5) showed an error saying “package is damaged and has to be moved to trash”. I downloaded Pre-Sierra.

  44. Akhil Shrivastava

    Hello I was trying ti find a desktop background type count down timer which can be pushed to some 800 employees computer centrally. (The timer should be displayed on desktop background and will not affect users files, folders and other work. Pop up etc are sometimes annoying so was trying to find desktop background based timer.

    If anyone know some solution, please help!

  45. Asif

    It’s awesome. Easy, good graphics and smart !

  46. this is awesome!!! effective for my Mathematics class 🙂 thanks for sharing this!!! God bless you all guys 🙂

  47. Tauseef Ahmad

    Wow ! Its a very very Good Work. Thanks a Lot.

  48. Thanks All that created this app
    Realy helps

  49. iliana

    awsome tttttttttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssssss

  50. i have been using this from last few years, and every time its works well, i think i have run 100 of shows with that, thank you so much for such a great and valuable app.keep building good.

  51. williams

    Thanks alot. this just made my day

  52. Vega

    Hello. Great timer! Is there dual s screen functionality? It would be great to have the timer launch on a different monitor instead of having to drag it to the live monitor.

  53. Yeboah

    Ahh….at last you have saved my day,THANKS for this simple and beautiful timer i really love it. Keep up with the good work, all the BEST.

  54. Gerrit Yeboah

    Ahh….at last you have saved my day,THANKS for this simple and beautiful timer i really love it. Keep up with the good work, all the BEST. Hope that you will update it soon.

  55. Selena

    this is awesome

  56. Hi Igor,
    Love, love, love your timer. Have been using it at all our events over the last few years and it works every time. We’ve just had the free timer so far.
    I have 2 questions for you. I’m wondering does the next version allow you to show your speakers how far over they are going if they continue beyond the TIME’s UP! Just for the few people that like to continue! I am not sure from the descriptions if you can just review it afterwards. I need that information to be live to them.
    Also if you pay for the software, can you download it to a few laptops (i.e. our team members). And what happens if there are updates? We are a small team and all use it at various events.
    Thanks for such a super product. Loads of people comment on the punctuality of our events; helped so much by the Countdown Timer!

  57. edwin rutsch

    Can the timer be set to a different time like 3 minutes, 5 min. etc. and when the time has run out that it goes back to the time set instead of 10 minutes?

  58. Joi

    Hi Igor. I just found you timer and it really looks impressive. However, I want to know whether it can be included in a Keynote presentation. I need the timer to appear on a slide for activities during class.


  59. Emeka

    is it possible for it to count minus when time is finished

  60. Hello, can i use the Countdown Timer inside a PowerPoint Presentation? If so, how? Please advice. Thank you.

  61. Williams Oluwaseun

    Hi Igor,
    In addition to the last question, with the Pro edition, Can i extend the view of the timer to a second screen while i continue doing other things on the main screen.

    I must say the free version is awesome. thanks

  62. Franz Benko

    Does the pro version the ability to change the screen to a yellow “warning color” when reaching a certain amount of time left? if it is yes, I will purchase


  63. firdhous

    Good job

  64. Hey Igor, Awesome timer! Thank you very much! I use it at our startup pitch events.
    Is there a way to reset the timer to a previously set position => our pitchs are always 7 min. long. When I reset the timer it always goes back to 10 min.
    Am I missing something? Thanks a lot!

  65. Hey Igor, I just answered my previous question by buying the pro version.
    However, I get the message that the file is damaged and can’t open it. Can you please help.

  66. Wale

    The timer is nice and simple. Thank you!

  67. Andy Jameson

    hi Igor.
    are you able to build a count down clock like this , but with preset time options (options available on the screen)
    i am needing one with 5-6 different, preset options.


  68. macben chibuife

    hi Igor, this timer is the best trust me.

    question i have before purchasing pro is if,

    1) can we count up

    2) can the screen split. so the top screen is the countdown or countup, while the bottom screen displays real time.

    please reply as soon as possible


    This is really great………..
    Thanks for the timer

  70. Michael

    Thanks for the app. It’s awesome, exactly what I needed.

  71. Beth

    Hey, looks great.
    I’m using it with children for the charity I work for!
    Question is: Is this actually free or will I need to pay for it after a number of days?

    • Igor Donkov (Author)

      Hi Beth, thank you. The program is free but the timing is limited to 20 minutes. With paid version the limit is removed plus you get more options.

  72. Mike

    a quick question: does this work for extended view so we can set time on one screen and display the timer on another?

    • Igor Donkov (Author)

      Hi Mike, it only works as a duplicated screen. But we are working on a new timer which will have a separate screen to do all the controls from there. Should be released in next couple of months. Best

  73. Johnny

    Thanks very helpful

  74. Catherine V King

    Is there a way to have the countdown timer always display over any screen? I have minimized it to the way I need it but just want it to always be on top while I work. Thank you and this tool is absolutely amazing 10/10 would recommend.

  75. John B

    I need to start one timer at 30 seconds, a second timer to start at 1 minute and thirty seconds and another timer at 2 minutes and 10 seconds…
    How do I set up less than one minute and
    then minutes and seconds
    Is your extended version available yet.

    • Countdown Kings (Author)

      Hi, yes, you need extended / pro version for that, timer is available here. As for scheduled timers, we are developing it right now and should be available in couple of months.

  76. Works perfectly. Easy to use. Simple. Beautiful. T

  77. Khanfri Nor El Houda

    practical, free download, sooo coool , thank you

  78. It is fantastic for my IXL work.

  79. Precious Nwokeukwu

    Thanks for this. Please can it be used on a projector while still doing other things?

  80. André Rodrigues

    Guys, how to Set to less than 1 minute? 30 seconds, for example?
    Is it possible in the extended version? In the free version I was unable to set it to minute 0.
    Best Regards!

  81. Sam

    Hello, can we move it on top a powerpoint presentation while in presentation mode?

  82. WOW am so happy and grateful for this software, as a Pastor this will help alot in our media department. The bless you all

  83. Dominiek Forest

    Hi, will the countdown clock still work when flash player is no longer supported?

  84. I’m on Win10Pro.

    How do you set seconds…IE: 30 sec, 1 min, 30sec?

    Thank you,


  85. Brian

    Any plans for a Linux version?

  86. joseph

    See you’re amazing and if you belive in God he will bless you for sharing this app

  87. Zonwabele Zenani

    I love the App and it is suitable for sticking to your session’s time frames. Thanks so much!

  88. Tunde Shobo

    Good creative work. Thanks for sharing

  89. Karla Shirtliff

    Hi, could you please tell me if I can download this onto an iPad for use??

  90. Hemmy-emmie

    This app is great

  91. lcd

    I need the timer to blink smoothly in last 5 minutes, is it possible?