This page answeres some basic questions you might have. Please scroll lower to find FAQ for all of our timers.


1. Do I have to install the timer?

No, you can run our PC / MAC timers on any computer and no installation is needed.

2. How many licences do I need? (paid products)

One licence per one computer. Example: if you want to use the timer on three different computers, you will need three licences.

3. Transfering and activating the timer (paid products).

Once you download the (paid) timer, you can transfer the ZIP file to any PC / MAC computer you want to use it on. Unpack the ZIP file, on the first run you will enter your data and activate the timer licence.

4. I have just purchased the Timer for MAC and for some reason I can’t open it. It says: “MCT-Extended-for-MAC is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.” Any ideas why?

On MAC, you have to follow this steps BEFORE downloading.

5. After following your download instructions of changing the gatekeeper settings to allow any application, I am still unable to get either the timer to open. I still get this error “The application “Nano-Timer-for-MAC” can’t be opened.” Any ideas on how to get it to run?

Please, read instructions carefully: “You must disable Gatekeaper BEFORE DOWNLOADING the file (not before installing).”  This is not an “installable” program as it is not an “official” MAC app, thus Gatekeeper automatically corrupts it on download (not install). So disable the Gatekeeper and only then download the file, it will work. More on the topic here.

6. I would have installed your free version but I don´t trust your instructions to bypass Mac´s Gatekeeper. Is it safe to use?

We understand your concern, however the program is safe. With more than 300.000 downloads of free version (since 2014) and many downloads of our paid version. Very rarely we get any complaints or refund requests. We have Apple developer account for our iOS apps, but for MAC we took the other route. Timer is developed with Adobe Animate, because this helps us reduce the cost and speeds up the development process both for PC and MAC.

7. Error message on MAC: “The application  MCT-Extended-for-MAC  can´t be opened”

This is a rare error which seems to be connected to OSX 10.10.2. Please update your OS and try again.

Problem could also be connected to your browser and the ZIP extractor you are using. So the other way to fix the issue is:
1. Download application through Firefox (not some other browser)
2. Then unzip with the (built in OS X) Archive Utility.

8. How do I reset the timer, if Macs do not have a Delete key and ESC does not seem to work.

On the MacBook keyboard, in order to reset, you have to press Fn+Backspace (on some keyboards Fn+Delete). With the OSX 10+ the reset function is a combination of Cmd+Backspace.

9. When I try to use the DEL key, to reset the timer while running, nothing happens. The timer is not stopping. Even after I have let the time to run out, it will not reset.

Check in the settings if you have chosen “Disable keyboard control” or try with “Reset all settings”. This will set everything back to default value.

10. Customizing the text only allows 17 characters including spaces, but the allowance for text is 32 characters. I want to write: Welcome to Church, but cannot post the “h” at the end of church. How can I fix this?

You should write in two lines, for example:

to Church

11. Is there a way to add a background image instead of plain color in the extended version?

No, you cannot add images. You can only change background color and numbers’ color. This is how we keep the design of timer clean and visible. If you need more customization we recommend you to use our Escape Room Timer.

12. How do I change the settings (paid versions)?

Click on the circular “gear” icon at the bottom part of the screen to make changes.

13. Can I use keyboard to quickly change the set time? I want to independently change the digits for minutes and seconds but I can’t determine the keystrokes needed to change each digit from ascending to descending.

This can only be done with a mouse, by clicking on numbers directly. Keyboard controls just increase or decrease the time generally.

14. Is this software compatible with chromebook?

This is not a chromebook software. It will only work on PC or MAC.

15. Can I embed your timer in a PowerPoint slide?

No. For PowerPoint and similar applications we created the Slideshow Timer, where timer floats on top of any other app.


1. Can Escape Room Timer be run in multiple rooms at the same time with the same computer?

You can run multiple timers from one computer, this depends on your system and your monitor setup. We prepared this page for more info: All the instructions on how to use the timer are here:

2. Background music. Is there a way to play music on a loop during the entire game?

Timer does not support this directly, but you can play the sound with any sound player in the background. You could also use external mixer and play sounds from there.

Timer for PowerPoint (SLIDESHOW TIMER)

1. I want to minimise the timer as it is distracting to what i’m doing. Can I minimise the timer?

You can’t minimise the timer. However you can change its size, make it really small, drag it off the screen or close the program until you need it again.

2. Can I embed your timer in a PowerPoint presentation?

No, you cannot “embed” the timer into a PowerPoint presentation. The timer works in such a way, that you place it above the presentation and it stays there. Please check the video here:

More questions?

Send us an email and we will give you a reply in shortest time possible.

*We can assure you our timers are quality made and most of our customers are very satisfied.
If purchasing, we recommend downloading best offer as you will get the most for the value.





  1. Iosif Harasemiuc

    Could this time be used in projector style?
    Something like Powerpoint with Presenter view.

    Thank you,
    Joseph H.

  2. Hi I want to run a lab experiment and I need to time it exactly for 4 mins. Wil the circle on the timer countdown from 240 seconds to 0.

  3. Mary

    What’s the difference between Slideshow Pro and the PowerPoint Timer? I want a timer that will stay on top and be inserted on particular slides (displayed in presenter mode). I just purchased Slideshow Pro but cannot see how to make it work within PowerPoint. Thanks!

    • Igor Donkov (Author)

      Hi Mary, this is the same timer, we just had to use the powerpoint term so people are able to find the program. Timer is not embeded into PowerPoint program but is a standalone program which stays on top of PowerPoint at all times.

  4. C Clay Hubbard

    Will all of your products work on computers that DO NOT have Flash installed? Our company is Flash-free.

  5. Is it possible to use our own corporate font for the timer?

  6. Christian Owusu

    How do I enable projector on my timer? I’d like to use it with my pc in extended display mode. Please advise, thanks

  7. venice villo

    How to set it in seconds? I think the minimum you can set it to is 1 minute


    is this a one time purchase or monthly subscription?

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