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Keeping time is easy to do

Simple and minimalistic, with outstanding visibility.

minimalistic timer features
  • Custom text for timeout You can now insert your own, custom text for timeout!
  • Ability to change colors Color the timer and timeout screen the way you want
  • Timeout and notification sounds Five timeout sounds to choose from, with optional notification sound
  • Big and bold display for great visibility Well visible even from far away, perfect for large events
  • Set time up to 24 hours Autorestart, Count Up/Down, Exceeded time option and more …
Works on any computer and no installation is needed.

All features and benefits

Autorestart function
Timer will restart automatically when limit is reached. Great for repeated countdowns and interval use.
Count up and Count down functions
Choose the way you want to display your countdown. Count up will start from zero and count up to the number you have set.
Unit display option
Show time in seconds (units) and set time from 1 up to 99999 seconds (27.7 hours).
Show instructions
Enable or disable instructions text between screens.

Extra features

Option to set time even while timer is running
This way you can always give some extra space to speakers if needed.
Show exceeded time after time is up
Option to display by how much time was exceeded after the end screen. Useful if you want to see how many minutes/seconds over the allotted time a presenter ran.
Custom text on timeout
Option to change and write your own timeout text. Customize the timeout message to suit your needs.

Change timer color

Default colors
Default display is in black and white, with red screen on timeout.
Color palette
Choose between colors from a carefully selected palette to fit the timer to your own specific needs.


Timeout sound
5 different timeout sounds. Select and choose the one that you like best!
Notification sounds
Keep the speakers on track. Sound will play to signal the last 5 minutes, last minute, 30 seconds and last 5 seconds.

Custom text for timeout

Type your own text and modify the message.


Color the timer the way you want

Select and combine colors from a carefully selected palette.


Take control of your event

Timer is a great fit for many usage scenarios, such as …

  • img-event-organizing@2x

    Event organizing

    Super easy and quick to use. Great visibility makes it a perfect option for use at small or large public events.

  • img-business-use@2x

    Business use

    Business meetings can be a huge waste of time. Not anymore! Use this timer to keep all your meetings on track.

  • img-schools-churches@2x

    Schools, churches …

    Great for teachers to use during tests, for preachers and other speakers or even for your personal practice.



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payment options

BUY NOW (PC only)
** Lifetime license / One-time payment **

Still not convinced?

Here is what other people have to say.

Steve Darmoody review

Steve Darmody /

“Just finished producing a major event at Oakland’s Scottish Rite Center for a television host plus many other participants. The television host is used to being on a tight schedule, and keeping it tight. But how could I get everyone else on time. Well, the Minimalistic Countdown Timer Extended – for MAC was my answer and it was perfect! The show went from 2pm to 6:40pm and we actually ended 3 minutes early. Everyone was amazed and kept asking me how I kept everyone on time. I told them! I’m so grateful for finding this app.”

Dave Lawson review

Dave Lawson /

“This product is amazing… simple to use and extremely functional and well designed. I have used it on many large events we have produced over the last 6 months. I use programs and apps all the time for our business and I must say that this has been the best timer solution I have ever used.”

Chris Elrod review

Chris Elrod

“I am a preacher and speaker. I have used every countdown timer app in the store for keeping my sermons and speeches on track. Minimalistic Countdown Timer is by far the BEST!!! It is easy to use, big display for easy viewing and a bright red background when it’s time to stop talking. I also use this app in meetings to keep them on track.”

Igor Panjan review

Igor Panjan /

“My team uses the Countdown timer at startup events around Europe. Definitely the easiest and the fastest timer to setup and use.”

Andrew Fox review

Andrew Fox /

“This is a great countdown timer for events! In a conference environment with top level speakers. It would be really good, though, just to show the time display to the speaker and NOT show the operational workings of setting the time on their screen. I made a suggestion for this to the developers and their response was very fast – and they are very possibly going to implement the idea.”

More reviews

Aaron Griffin /
“Our company puts on a large, multi-room and intricate yearly event that I manage the AV for. To keep things on track, I need an onscreen timer for the speakers and breaks between them keeping everyone in sync. I cannot imagine doing it without the Countdown Kings timer – it has been flawless for us and support was immediate the one time I actually needed it to reinstall a licensed copy on a newer computer. I use the Pro version, and the ability to change tones and colors to match our changing media initiatives has been great. An excellent, solid product that is intuitive, easy to use and just works? Bravo!”


“At SPP’s big room planning events we have the need to communicate out timings clearly for various gatherings of certain people at various times. Countdown Timer has been a great help with this as we can keep several countdowns going on simultaneously. We highly recommend this product!


“Bravo! A masterpiece achievement of elegance & simplicity, a Triumph of ascetics & efficiency.”

Christian Bentley
“As a company specialising in presentation design for large corporate conferences and live events – we (and the presenters that we work with) love the clean design of the CountdownKings software. It´s simple, super intuitive to use – and does what it says on the tin. We would strongly recommend this lightweight software as a quick and easy solution to having an effective presenter countdown timer for live events.”

Johan Kristoffersson
“I teach students with learning disabilities and the timer is very useful with its simplicity and ability to change color according to pupils preferences. No distracting menus or ads makes this a great timer companion.”

Bilal S.
“Brilliant app! Very simple design with really great features like being able to add and subtract time while the timer is running. Having run seminar events for 15+years I wish I had this app sooner. We run the app on a spare old laptop, control it from the back of the room and have it display on a screen in front of the stage for the presenter to see. Highly recommend it.”

Elisei Dinica
“MCT is a simple to use but effective counter. If you really need to impose a limited time frame to a person lost in its words, this is the tool you need.”

“Plain and simple tool that does what it’s supposed to do beautifully. Plus, no installation is required. It’s just what I was looking for.”

Clint Gilliam
“Very happy with it. We had meetings for several days and it proved to be very helpful to make shure we were starting on time. I am planning to use it at future meetings.”

Tim Finch
“We bought this app for a children’s party to time team games using a Macbook and a large monitor. It worked well – dead easy to learn and set up.”

Jimmy de Haas
“We use this timer for our Escaperoom, great value for the money! 5 stars timer!”

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payment options

BUY NOW (PC only)
** Lifetime license / One-time payment **


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